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Dan Perry

The Black Sapphire and Silver Lone Star Leather Daddy Bear, Keeper of Court, Compassion, Courtesy, Charity, and Community


His Most Imperial Majesty, 
Emperor 45 of Dallas and All Northeast Texas,

Dan Perry



Colors: Black Sapphire and Silver

Symbol: 5 point star


Shot: Fire Ball

Drink: Bacardi and Coke



Stone: Black Sapphire

Valerie Atkins

The Amethyst, Jet, and Aurora Borealis of Texas wielder, of the Pink Paddle. 



Her Most Imperial Majesty,
Empress 45 of Dallas and All Northeast Texas,

Valerie Atkins

Colors: Purple, Black, aurora borealis, pink


Animal: Phoenix


Shot: Cranberry


Drink: Cranberry & Soda water


Flower: Pink Hibiscus


Stones: Amethyst, Jet Black, AB, Rose Quartz


Quote: "A heart filled with love is like a phoenix that no cage can imprison." -Rumi

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