"From the great state of Texas and somewhere over the rainbow. Always sweet and usually innocent. Sparkling without the glitter. Butch with a little sass. Raising hope one dollar at a time, The Unicorn, Amethyst and Black Diamond, White Rose Emperor

His Most Imperial Majesty, 
Emperor 44 of Dallas and All Northeast Texas,

Larry Carter

Colors:     Amethyst & Black

Animal:   Unicorn (for its ability to promote smiles)

Shot:        Jello (any flavor)

Drink:      Deep Eddy grapefruit vodka & soda

Flower:    White rose (for Equality)

Stones:   Amethyst & Black Diamond

House:    The House of the Sweet and Innocent


The Statuesque Aqua Marine and White Diamond Glitter Glamazon of the South, The White Siberian Tiger Empress of Pride, Strength and Unity, The Ginger Snap of Texas.  


Her Most Imperial Majesty,
Empress 44 of Dallas and All Northeast Texas,

Penny Cilyn Carter

Colors:    Aqua-Marine, Onyx and White Diamond

Animal:    Siberian White Tiger

Shot:        Cactus Juice

Drink:       Penny’s Potion (Midori, Cactus Juice, Malibu, Pineapple Juice)

Flower:    Tiger Lilly (also the names of her fur-babies)

Stones:    Aqua-Marine and White Diamond

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