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The Ginger Snap of Texas,
A Triple Crowned Monarch to Sit on Both Thrones,
The Sassy But Classy
Statuesque White Siberian Tiger Empress

of Strength, Pride and Unity: 
Promoting Family, Fun and Friendship,

Regent Empress 48

Penny Cilyn "Who Knew" Kane-Jaymes

Colors:  Aquamarine - Black Onyx and White Diamond


Animal Spirit: White Siberian Tiger


Shot: Cactus Juice


Drink: Red Beer


Flower: Yellow Rose


Stones: Aquamarine - Black Onyx and White Diamond

Quote: " Make today the day you make a difference."

Boy Earl



The Cobalt Blue Phoenix Rising from the Ruby Ashes.
The Cigar Smoking Leather Garden Gnome.

Emperor 48 
Boy Earl Coffman-Kaye






Colors: Cobalt Blue and Ruby

Animal Spirit: Cobalt Blue Phoenix

Shot: Fireball

Drink: Dr. Pepper

Flower: Bird of Paradise

Stone: Azurite and Ruby

Quote: " Live, Love, Laugh, Learn,  Leave a Legacy."

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