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Moniker: The Passionate Phoenix, Always Sassy, Sophisticated, Intelligent, Outgoing, Notorious, Accepting, Tenacious, and Exquisite, Her Royal Sovereign and Imperial Majesty, Regent Empress 49 Valerie DeVasquez Wings.

Colors: Pink, Black, Purple, and Tye-Dye

Animal: The Rainbow and Black Phoenix

Drink of Choice: Cola

Gem Stones: Amethyst, Onyx, AB, and Rainbow



Moniker: The Cobalt and Platinum, Texas Born and Bred Scorpion, His Royal Sovereign and Imperial Majesty, Regent Emperor 49 Craig Thomas Sommers.

Colors: Cobalt and Platinum

Animal: Scorpion

Drink of Choice: Michelob Ultra

Shot: Lemon Drop

Gem Stones: Blue and White Sapphire

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