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From The Desk of Her Majesty

From The Desk of His Majesty

Welcome to Reign 49!

     I am humbled and blessed to be able to serve the Dallas community again as Regent Empress 49 of the UCLSE. I am looking forward to a wonderful and amazing year of fashion and of course fundraising. My heart is all about charity for our community and the needs of all in it.
     We are a strong and powerful community. We should stand side by side to support all facets in every endeavor. It is my honor and pleasure to be able to lead the UCLSE's fundraising efforts. 
My personal goal this year is to meet new folks and have fun in fundraisers for our community. Come join us and see what all the fun is.

Her Most Royal Sovereign
Imperial Majesty
Regent Empress 
of the UCLSE

Valerie DeVasquez Wings

Welcome to Reign 49!

What an incredible honor to get the chance to serve this amazing organization as Regent Emperor 49. I have been working with the UCLSE for over 14 years and look forward to continuing our mission of raising money one dollar at a time to help our Dallas community! 
     While the times we live in are becoming increasingly uncertain I believe that the UCLSE and the ICS have a more important job than ever. We must stand up for the acceptance of everyone and continue to be a beacon of hop
e, and to help those in our community who need it most. Everyone has something different, wonderful, and powerful to contribute to this world.  It is my hope that not only with the dollars we raise but with the kindness and acceptance we show that we make the world a kinder, safer place to live in.
      It is my pleasure to be given the opportunity to further the mission of the UCLSE and work with some of the most amazing people I have ever known. Let's have another wonderful year of fun and helping our community prosper!

His Most Royal Sovereign
Imperial Majesty

Regent Emperor 49
of the UCLSE

Craig Thomas Sommers

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