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From The Desk of Her Majesty

Welcome to Reign 48!

What an honor and a blessing to be serving as Empress once again for the United Court of The Lone Star Empire. Throughout Reign 48 we are committed to "honoring the past, respecting the present, and building the future." It is with great diligence that an organization can persevere and survive a world full of challenges and continue to support a community in need. The UCLSE has a rich history, "the past" which has led us to over 40+ years of successful partnerships and community service. It is in "the present" that we marry the past with today and comtinue with these traditions while also embracing new innovation, creativity and social evolution, all of which enables us to celebrate our unique identities, contributions, creativity, talents, ideas, and passions. By honoring the past and respecting the present, we are also able to build the future. Together, we can paint a future that is welcoming, a future that is supportive, strong, united and promote a generation that continues our legacy, our identity and our mission: to care for each other and meet the needs of those we are committed to serve.
     The UCLSE is a long-standing organization that has provided support, funds and resources to our community for over 40 years. We are an organization that operates off of the same core values and standards we have always held and is committed to growing, developing and evolving to meet a changing culture, a changing community and a changing world with changing needs. 
      It is with great pride that I serve you and our community as Empress of this organization and together, I believe we can accomplish great things!!! Let's make today the day we make a difference in someone's life!!!

Her Most Royal Sovereign
Imperial Majesty
Regent Empress 
of the UCLSE

Penny Cilyn

From The Desk of His Majesty

Welcome to Reign 48!

It is an honor to serve as Emperor 48 of the United Court of The Lone Star Empire. I moved to Dallas a little over 6 years ago and immediately became involved in the UCLSE and the LGBTQ+ community. I bring with me 20 + years of community service and fundraising experience. For the UCLSE I have served on the board previously as social media Director for 2 years. I have also held the titles of Prince Royale, Grand Duke, Crown Prince Royale, Mr. Texas Star emeritus, and now, Emperor 48.
     I have connections with many other DFW organizations including, LVLPWA Poz Campouts, The Dallas Bears, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and The Trinity River Bears. I look forward to continuing to foster these relationships for the continued growth and progress of the UCLSE. My strongest belief is Honoring the Past, Respecting the Present, and Building the Future. I firmly believe that the UCLSE membership does this every day in service to our community.

His Most Royal Sovereign
Imperial Majesty

Emperor 48
of the UCLSE

Boy Earl Coffman-Kaye

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