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In Memoriam


In Loving Memory

Empress 28

Pam Steele-Adams

In Rest - March 2021

Our Dear Friend

Our Ally & Advocate

Our Beloved Empress

Pam, I will always remember your kind heart and giving soul. You took me into your family and gave me a shoulder to cry on. You will be missed my dear friend. - Anonymous

A beautiful heart, a beautiful woman and a great friend...I will miss our talks and your sense of humor, Rest In Peace. - Donna Dumae

What fun times we had over the years. You are an amazing woman. I will see you again someday. Rest in Glory and in Peace. - Wayne


In Loving Memory

Emperor 23


a.k.a. Mick Armstrong

In Rest - March 2021

Our Brother

Our Friend

Our Beloved Emperor

A funny man, dedicated to serving our community, and an incredible Emperor....thank you Maverick for reigning together. Rest In Peace. - Donna Dumae

What an amazing year you had in Reign 23 - you made that year fun and exciting. It was special knowing you as Mick in those early years and then as Emperor Maverick. Life brought many challenges and pray you have found peace and rest.  - Wayne


In Loving Memory

Empress 38

Messy Panocha

a.k.a. Pancho Loza


Our Beautiful Flower

Our Dear Sister

Our Beloved Empress

A special UCLSE State Memorial Service and Celebration of Life will be scheduled at a future date when the SARS-COV-2 pandemic resolves.

How I treasured the many years of friendship and the passion you had for the community. You are missed.  - Wayne

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