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Registration will be on Friday, March 23rd, 7pm - Dallas Eagle - bring your auction item to display

The titles of Miss and Mr. Texas Star will be awarded to the participant that receives the most points in the categories:

Fundraising (40%), Presentation (20%), Talent (20%), and Onstage Question (20%). Awards will also be presented to the winner (i.e. highest score) of each category.



Each participant will receive a score based on amount they have: 

               a. brought in during registration (Friday, March 23rd – 8pm to 10pm)

               b. obtained in tips during presentation, talent, and auction



Each participant shall bring in a prepared gift basket to auction off during the competition.

Each participant will be ranked in order from highest dollar amount (1st) to lowest dollar amount.



This is the time to introduce yourself to the judges for points and the audience for dollars using your interpretation of our theme, “Texas Proud – Red, White, & You”. Any donations collected during this portion will be added to fundraising total.



Each participant must submit any music for the talent portion before the competition begins. There is no maximum of time, but use discretion. If it seems too long, it probably is. Help will NOT be given to set up or tear down talent props. Remember, donations collected during this portion will be added to the fundraising total.


Onstage Question:

The participant will be given the chance to answer a question for the judges. The question will be chosen from numbered, pre-sealed envelopes while onstage. There will be no time limit for the answer, but the question will only be read TWICE.


                 Miss/Mister Moneymaker (Fundraising Winner)

                 Miss/Mister Showoff (Presentation Winner)

                 Miss/Mister Showstopper (Talent Winner)

                 Miss/Mister Know-It-All (Onstage Question)

                 Miss/Mister Didn’t Quite Make It (Second Runner Up)

                 Miss/Mister Almost Made It (First Runner Up)

THIS is a "bought" title. 

it's camp in nature

and in the spirit of fundraising

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