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From The Desk of His Majesty

From The Desk of Her Majesty

E47 John and Donna_edited.jpg
E47 John and Donna_edited.jpg

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join this wonderful group of individuals as we work to serve the LGBTQ community of Dallas and all Northeast Texas.
Join us for one of our membership meetings and get to know us. Then if you think this would be a great place of community service for you - we would invite you to join and become a member. Our membership application is available on this website.
If you have any questions please email me or one of our directors.

His Most Royal Sovereign
Imperial Majesty 

Emperor 47 of the UCLSE
John Terrill

Welcome to Reign 47!
As the forty-sevnth elected Empress of Dallas and all Northeast Texas, I realize that I am continuing the long tradition of serving the Greater Dallas community. Many people have proceeded me and each has made a contribution to the Dallas Court and the welfare of the community.

My goals are to "honor the past, take care of the current and prepare for the future." The needs of our community are still great. I look forward to working with our membership to address the needs of our community . This responsibility is one I take seriously and will strive to make a positive impact.
I invite you to join us in our rich traditions of doing our part, together, to take care of our community.
Yours in service... raising one dollar at a time.
From the Heart, Through the Court, For the Community.

Her Most Royal Sovereign
Imperial Majesty

Empress 47 of the UCLSE
Donna Dumae

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