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From The Desk of His Majesty


Welcome to Reign 46, y'all!!!  I look forward to leading the fundraising efforts of this amazing organization and working with all of you.    I can't wait to see what will be accomplished as we work together to support our charities and the Dallas Community.

Thank you,

His Most Royal Sovereign Imperial Majesty 

Emperor 46 of the UCLSE

Jonn Thurman

From The Desk of Her Majesty


As I sit here trying to decide what to write, there are a million thoughts running through my head.  One thing is very clear I would not be here without your support, and that need doesn't end now.   I and the organization still need your support more than ever, that includes your time, creativity, and willingness to work hard in our effort to raise funds for OUR LBGTQ plus community.   So let's see what greatness we can do together.  

Thank you

Her Most Royal Sovereign Imperial Majesty

Empress 46 of the UCLSE

AnjelFyre Sommers-Starr

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