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From The Desk of His Majesty

Greetings from Emperor 43 Craig Sommers.  I have been active in fundraising in the Dallas Community for over 10 years. Our goal is to serve our  Community and enrich the lives of those in need.  We look forward to continuing the great work that our organization does, and expanding our efforts to build stronger bonds and outreach throughout the Community. 

When we stand together we can accomplish Amazing things.  When we bring our heart, passion, and spirit to everything we do the limits are boundless. Our organization is a Dedicated Family of people who put their hearts and souls into serving the Community.  We hope you will join us in this journey and participate with our membership and Community to serve the people and enrich their lives.


From the Heart, Through the Court, For the Community,
Yours In Service,
Craig Thomas Sommers

Moniker:  The Cobalt and Platinum, Texas Born and Bred, Scorpion Emperor

Colors:  Cobalt and Platinum

Symbol:  Scorpion

Beverage of Choice:  Bud Light

Shot of Choice:  Cowboy Cocksucker

From The Desk of Her Majesty

Hello Courtiers and Public at Large!

I am excited to be your 43rd reigning Empress for this upcoming year.  This year I want to showcase the insane amount of fun that we have as a court and all the while raising a ton of cash for the Dallas community!  I welcome anyone who shares our passion to help our community and hope we can continue to grow our organization.  It is only together that we can make a big difference in this world.  I look forward to working with each one of you to make this happen.
Please take the time to peruse our website and get to know our organization and if you have additional questions, please feel free to contact me directly via-email at 

From the Heart, Through the Court, For the Community,
Delilah DeVasquez
Empress 43

Moniker:  The Siam and Sassy, Aurora Borealis and Classy, Emerald-eyed Snow Owl Empress

Colors:  Siam, Aurora Borealis

Symbol:  Emerald eyed snow owl

Beverage of Choice:  Vodka Cranberry

Shot of Choice:  Kamikaze

Home Bar for Reign 43: Dallas Eagle

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