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Emperor 46

Jonn Finch Starr Thurman

Crown Prince Royale

 Daddy Wolf (Rusty Truelock)

King Father

J Larry Finch

1/2 Emperor In-State

Jessie Sweeny-Lanier

1/2 Empress In-State

Paula Michaels

1/2 Emperor Out-of-State

Just Inga

1/2 Empress Out-of-State

Mark Nelson

Empress 46

AnjelFyre Sommers-Starr


Crown Princess Royale

Deliliah DeVasquez

Queen Mother

Danielle Starr

Imperial Fathers

Craig Sommers (AKA Daddy Dearest)

Ryan Hernandez

Honorary Queen Mother

Armani Cole (AKA Mommy Dearest)

Honorary Grandfather

Jeff Germany

Honorary Grandmother

Keri Lynn Sommers

Devon DeVasquez (AKA Glamma

1/2 Emperor In-State

Mickey Hightower

1/2 Empress In-State

Anita Nother

1/2 Empress Out-of-State

Brandi Roberts

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