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President,  Craig Bolson: AKA Craig Sommers

Dallas born and bred. 25 + years in the service/retail industry. Currently store manager of a small specialty retailer in Dallas. 10+ year member of the UCLSE raising money for the Dallas community. 

Organizational roles: 5 year member of the Board of Directors, Emperor 43.



Never give up on something you really want. It's difficult to wait, but more difficult to regret.

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Vice President, J Larry Finch

40 years in Banking and Corporate Business. Currently managing Risk and Compliance for numerous applications within GT&O.

35+ years in the Dallas Community raising money for charities. Organizations roles include: Past Dallas Bears Ambassador, Vice President, President, and Emperor 41.

Favorite Quote:   "Remember where and from whom you draw your strength!"

Secretary, Tom Adair aka Delilah DeVasquez

Treasurer, Rick Hooker

Retired after 28 years with a school district.  7 year court member, Marquis for Life to Reign 39, Grand Duke for Life to Reign 42, Sixth year as Board Treasurer

New moniker:  "The Hooker"

Social Media Director,


Favorite Quote:  

Council of Emperors Chair, Emperor 45, Dan Perry

Involved in the DFW community from the early 70’s and raising funds for the community from 1983. A member of the UCLSE for 12 year. Helping to improve and supporting the community. Corporate meeting and special events for 30+ years. Purveyor of leather goods and custom clothing. 

Favorite Quote:  "It's now or never"

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Council or Empresses, Empress 45, Valerie Atkins

Valerie has been part of the UCLSE for 3 years. She is a member of the Hard Pink Sisterhood a group of woman who support other woman and their community’s. Valerie moved to Dallas in 1997 and found a home among the leather community. Served as a Member At Large for NLA-Dallas from June 2018-June 2019. She has been with her partner for 27 years and has enjoyed every moment of life’s journey.

Favorite Quote: " A heart filled with love like a phoenix that no cage can imprison."  Rumi

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Fundraising Chair, Emperor 46, Jonn Finch Star Thurman



Favorite Quote: 

Fundraising Chair, Empress 46, Jacquelyn Chamberlain AKA AnjelFyre Sommers-Starr

 AnjelFyre has been an active member the Dallas LGBTQ Community for the last 7 years. She is a member of NLA since 2018 and an active participant of the UCLSE for the last 3 years.   Anjel grew up and has raised a family in the DFW area.  For the past 20 years Anjel has worked in the Individual Retirement industry as a Business Analyst.  
Favorite Quote:  "Where words fail, music speaks."  Hans Christian Anderson
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